Privacy Statement

Claim Assistance Bureau (CAB) provides professional claim consultancy for both insurance and contract claims throughout Australasia with affiliate service providers in most major developed countries. 

CAB has a duty to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act (1988) effective from 21 December 2001.  In so doing we comply with the ten National Privacy Principles contained within that legislation and which legislate the manner in which organisations can collect, use, store, disclose and even dispose of personal information. 

In the event that we are acting for you, in the resolution of an insurance claim or contractual dispute, the personal information we may be obliged to collect from time to time will only be used to complete and finalise the specific matter with which we are involved on your behalf.  CAB undertakes not to use your personal information for any purpose other than for which it was collected or to disclose personal information to any other party without your consent.

CAB has implemented a process to ensure that any personal information we gather about you will be protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.  CAB is obliged under the requirements of the Privacy Act (1988) to allow you access to any information of a personal nature about you that we hold on our files. 

Should you have any questions about our obligations to comply with the Privacy Act (1988) please contact our office.



ATB Business Owner - Brisbane

"Our insurance company's assessor hadn't even advised us of our entitlements three months after the fire. Then the insurance company tried to reduce our claim on the basis of "under insurance" but our policy didn't allow them to do that.

Claim Assistance Bureau came to the rescue and eventually our claim was paid in full".


CKJ Builder - Gold Coast

"The insurance company rejected our claim stating that the damage was due to defective workmanship - but they couldn't provide any evidence.

Claim Assistance Bureau were able to negotiate our claim to a successful conclusion".


MPL Plumber - Cairns

"The head contractor's insurance company was demanding a large amount of money for damage I hadn't caused. I was uninsured and Claim Assistance Bureau demonstrated that I was innocent and also that head contractor's insurance policy covered me as well - so they couldn't have sued me even if I had been responsible.

If I hadn't gone to Claim Assistance Bureau I would have lost my house. I'm really glad I had Claim Assistance Bureau on my side".