Insurance claims are often fraught with problems and can be time consuming and unnecessarily complex. 

Claim Assistance Bureau can help.

Insurance companies typically employ loss assessors and loss adjusters to manage claims on their behalf.  These parties are remunerated by the insurance company and first and foremost protect the interests of their Principal – the insurance company and not you, the policy holder.

Without an insurance professional to represent your organisation’s interests in a claim scenario, you may not achieve your full entitlement for compensation.  This happens every day and unfortunately most claimants are unaware that they’ve been short-changed.

Claim Assistance Bureau is a firm of professional claim consultants who act exclusively for insured entities to provide the expert help needed in a crisis.  Claim Assistance Bureau provides a complete claim management service for all types of insurance claims. 

Our expert knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry is vital to ensuring a prompt and equitable resolution to your insurance claim.  We strive to provide straightforward advice on prevailing conditions and the scope of the issued policy with specific reference to your organisation’s situation with a view to ensuring a prompt and equitable conclusion to the claim. 

All Claim Assistance Bureau operatives have worked in the insurance industry as loss adjusters and hold qualifications in multiple disciplines which are crucial to the successful resolution of insurance claims.   Those disciplines include but are not limited to:-

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Building Design
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Marine Surveying
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Dangerous Goods Management
  • Building Energy Rating
  • Risk Management
  • Mediation




When you’re confronted with a crisis situation, fast and expert advice is essential.  What you do and say in the initial stages of a claim situation can prejudice the outcome.  Professional guidance and stewardship from the outset will gain the best result for you.  Claim Assistance Bureau subscribes to a flexible approach and aside from handling all negotiations with and representations to the insurance company and their loss adjusters, we can supplement with the following:-

  • Preparation of Scopes of Work for repair of damage
  • Procurement of tenders / quotations for repair of damage
  • Liaison with repairers and local authorities in relation to the repair process
  • Identification of case-specific experts and specialists
  • Development of recovery plans to minimise the resultant disruption
  • Negotiation with Third Parties, their insurance companies and lawyers
  • Disposal of salvage
  • Pre-loss and post-loss valuation

Claim Assistance Bureau can also assist when the insurance company has refused or limited indemnity for a claim.  In such cases, our operatives will review the history of the matter and provide advice on whether or not the insurance company’s decision is flawed.  In such cases we can liaise with the insurance company with a view to achieving the appropriate resolution of the matter.  In some situations, referral to alternative dispute resolution facilities will be required and we can also provide expert advice and representation in these situations.

In addition to claim management, Claim Assistance Bureau can also perform the following functions:-

  • Policy and / or contract review to identify shortcomings and pitfalls
  • Recovery of uninsured losses from responsible Third Parties
  • Defence of uninsured claims by Third Parties
  • Development of strategies to control / minimise hazards and risks
  • Business planning and guidance
  • Dangerous Goods Audits
  • Workplace Health & Safety Audits
  • Glazing and Asbestos Audits
  • Completed Building Inspections