Autumn 2007 Newsletter <empty>

      • Gas Explosion and Fire
      • Fibro Roof Replacement
      • North West Queensland Fire Claim
      • Road Transport Product Liability Claim
      • Motor Vehicle Acid Spill
      • Hail Denting is Damage

Winter 2007 Newsletter <empty>

      • Residential Apartment Complex in Danger of Collapse
      • Insurer Reverses Decision - Marine
      • Homeowner Stung by Unregistered Builder
      • BSA License Check Saves Builder
      • Negligent Building Inspector Fails to Identify Major Defects

Spring 2007 Newsletter <empty>

      • Marine Insurer Misinterprets Policy Response
      • Electrical Component Manufacturer Accused of Responsibility For a Major Fire and Consequential Loss
      • The Insurer Was Only Half Right and We Won the Other Half For Our Client


Insurance Jargon Explained

  • Average - A provision within an insurance policy which provides that if, at the time of a loss, the Sum Insured is less than the value of the property insured settlement will be reduced in proportion to the level of under-insurance
  • Ex Gratia - A payment made by the insurer for which there is no provision under the terms of the policy
  • Non Disclosure - The failure of the Insured party to disclose a material fact before policy inception and which may entitle the insurer to void the policy or reject the claim
  • Proximate Cause - The initiating, dominant or primary cause which gives rise to the loss. The proximate cause need not be the first or last cause in a chain of events
  • Subrogation - The exercise for one's own benefit of rights or remedies possessed by another against third parties. An insurance company gains subrogation rights once they have indemnified the Insured and a common law action for recovery from third parties exists in the name of the Insured